IEA Membership Benefits.
  • 1. Membership in a worldwide association
  • 2. You’re a phone call away from REAL help from an experienced, qualified and local Executive Director who has your best interests at heart. Plus we have great resources available from the IEA website.
  • 3. We will teach you how to protect your ideas.
  • 4. We will train you how to become successful
  • 5. You can attend local, national and international IEA events.
  • 6. You will receive an IEA membership certificate.
  • 7. You will receive monthly learning challenges to participate in if you want to.
  • 8. We will help you obtain venture capitol.
  • 9. You can sell/market your ideas through the IEA website
  • 10. We will teach you how to do market research or how to get the necessary help.
  • 11. You can participate in local, regional, national, and international webinars fee or free.
  • 12. You can participate in international fee based webinars with world famous speakers and experts from all fields of entrepreneurship.
  • 13. You can participate in the IEA blog to engage with other IEA community members.
  • 14. IEA will directly donate part of your member fee to a local charity selected by the Executive Director in your area.
  • 15. You will be invited to local, regional, and national events in your country.
  • 16. Through the Executive Director in your countries market area you can apply to open
    an IEA chapter in your market own area to develop networking opportunities.
  • 17. When you become an IEA member we have a limited number of Executive Director positions open. To apply go to the IEA home page link.
  • 18. LinkedIn membership site.
  • 19. Special industry alerts that will provide you with inside access to opportunities.
  • 20. Opportunity to create individual mastermind groups to benefit all participants.
  • 21. Open access to IEA leadership and headquarters’. OUR MOTTO: WIN-WIN for everyone